“It’s everything. It’s the way you experience the world. It’s the way you experience your life.”
– Don Norman describing User Experience


User experience has been a passion for most of my life. Why? Because, at my core, I care about people. It’s the empathy I feel for them that drives me to create and enhance their experience in this world.


My UX Design Process

With the caveat that every project is different and often requires a good bit of tailoring, I’ll outline my typical methodology to User Experience Design. Many times, steps may be combined or replaced, based on the client needs and constraints.

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UX Work Sample

Here are some artifacts from a UX project I completed from conception and needfinding to high-fidelity prototype.

Buying a Used Car on a Tight Budget

Needfinding for identifying the needs of the user.

Storyboarding to visualize a user’s problem and how it can be resolved.

Storyboard #1- Joe Storyboard #2- Kay

Low-fidelity wireframes for visualizing early ideas and features.

Clickable prototype based on feedback and heuristic evaluation of wireframes.

Evaluation plan for User Testing

Tasks for User Testing of Prototype

Protocol for User Testing

Interview questions for User Testing

Courses I’m Taking

Design Thinking for Innovation (Coursera)

Information Visualization (Interaction Design Foundation)